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pallet support legs pallet deck supports
Econo-Support Leg™
Plastic Pallet Feet

• Assembly requires no tools
• Can be use with a variety of
  decking materials.
• Depending on Series used, each
  leg can withstand from 500 lbs to
  2,500 lbs of direct pressure
• Efficient in extreme tempatures
• Lightweight, compact and

Product Series
Find the Right Pallet Support

• Wonder B 4x6 Econo-Support Leg
Wonder Vari-Deck Leg/Ring
• Wonder S-ES and C-ES Leg
Wonder TE Support Leg
• Wonder TWT Hex Leg
Wonder BWT Pallet Leg


Econo-Support Legs are made of recyclable plastic. They are not susceptible to insect infestation and prevent moisture migration from the floor making them ideal for international shipping.

pallet supports
The Econo-Support Leg™ is a low cost deck support. Our product is designed
to cut cost, save space, and lower freight charges.